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Bainbridge 2021 Market Preview

Bainbridge 2021 Market Preview: 

  • US GDP should recover to all-time highs by the 2nd half of the year.
  • Global economic recovery will lag the US.
  • The US Dollar will stay weak.
  • Interest rates will stay lower, for longer.
  • Corporate earnings (S&P 500) could recover to all-time highs by year end 2021, alongside US GDP.
  • More focus on climate change and clean energy stocks.
  • The US elections will have less of an impact on stocks than the financial media has warned about.
  • Asset class and sector rotations will continue.
  • Despite widespread bullishness, there are still material risks for stocks in 2021.
  • Stocks should move higher in 2021, but current valuations are already pricing in a dramatic economic recovery and could provide some room for volatility in the near term.


(The views and opinions expressed are those of Bainbridge Financial Services and do not necessarily reflect those of Bolton Global Capital or Bolton Global Asset Management. Approval code: BF1/BFA0049)

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